About me

Hello there,

my name is Dariusz Zabrzenski and I’ve been in the software development almost since I have learnt how to read. My first big achievement was typing format c: on my uncle’s computer more than 30 years ago, successfully erasing all of his work. Since that I made some improvement in my way of work and I try to learn myself more about the things that I’m going to use before I actually use them 🙂

I’m leading development at Ridely a #1 App for Equestrians. I like to work in every field from backend till frontend, including cloud and mobile. However I’m totally lame into UI/UX and quickly get bored when I have to do something in devops area.

Privately I’m a husband and a father of three. From time to time playing some death metal riffs on a guitar in a band or just riding a bike somewhere.

Here’s me with my wonderful family

Me, my wife (behind camera) and my three sons (from left Antoś, Jaś & Staś)

If you find this blog interesting or just wanna spam me you can write at blog@readdarek.com.